Sunday, January 14, 2007

Long weekend!

It's been a busy week here at my end...created the Cafe Press store front & planning a baby shower for one of my friends. Glad I have a 3 day weekend, looks like tomorrow will be spent catching up on the housework that I have neglected these past 2 days.

The Cafe Press store is turning out to be quite fun, I'm getting to meet alot of my May Magpie buddies and doing some creative text work for logos. Jonni is my trial & error girl with this store & we have her stuff up too-make sure you check it out. (It sure would be nice if she lived down here-she is a great friend) It's amazing just how time flys when you are working on your computer, I've seen 2 am 2 nights in a row! If you are a fellow Magpie & want something special added please let me know. Feel free to check it out.
The baby shower is for our friend Denise....maybe you all remember seeing the pictures of her little boy "Tyler".
Anyway this is their second and I decided to throw a party for her....some say no shower the 2nd time around but I say why not? It is another addition to the family and everybody likes a party so there you have it....I'm throwing one! They have most everything they need so this shower will be mostly for "Mom" Denise.....she deserves a little pampering. I am testing out a recipe for cookies tonight prior to the party and I will use Royal Icing for the first time to decorate them.....will let you know how that turns out. Have you seen the price of custom cookie baskets???? I can do that! OK, I will try and do that!

Hope everybody is having a great 3 day's hot down here in Florida, send SNOW!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

K let us know how the royal icing went over!!! I bought some and I'm scaired to use it!!!! I want to know if it gets really nice and hard like ornamental or does it stay a little soft.
PS. We don't have snow but it's - 13 you can have that!

Jonni said...

Hi Gina-Baby!!!

All the products in the store you created look GREAT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know what you mean about 2AM. I have been dowloading a bunch of digital scrapbooking stuff and I just can't seem to get off the computer at a decent time.

You are such a great friend Gina. I feel very lucky to have met you. Good luck with Denise's shower. You are so sweet to host a shower for her. I'm totally with you about
2nd showers. EVERY birth should be celebrated! :)