Saturday, January 06, 2007


OK, I'll admit it...while hanging out on LayDfrog's web page I got attached to a few froggies. Here is my favorite one:


Jonni said...

Love the frog and Dannye's new look on her blog.

Dannye said...

That is how my whole frog obsession started you know, first I liked a few, and then next thing you know they are all over my house (and real live ones live on my back porch among the ceramic ones, which is quite funny sometimes at night when they get "active"). You are catching the "frog fever", watch out, I hear it is contagious (and sometimes can cause warts, oh wait, no that's toads).

Thanks again I sooooo love it!!!

Dannye said...

duck, duck, goose, tag you're it!!

Check out the fabulous blog you made so snazzy!!!