Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So this it what it looks like..............

Yep.........that's a lot of files to be processed!!!! Are we in here??
Take a look at Mama Stefani's blog and you can look at all of her pictures from the CCAA.


Jonni said...

Wowzers! I can see why the CCAA goes so slow. I would hate to come in to all that each morning. Just think all of those files are families waiting for their little sunshine(s). I hope thay speed up. Maybe we can go to China and volunteer. We could get those done in no time...I know we could.

Nina, David & Ariel said...

Overwhelming, isn't it!! I wish they'd put a few more of their 1.3 billion people to work in that room and get those babies and parents together ASAP!! (of course, I'm very grateful to be able to adopt from China, however long the wait!!)

Happy holidays!