Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not a productive day

Well today wasn't one of the best....1st the dryer stopped drying & after the repairman was here, done and gone then the washer broke! Now we have only had these for 2 years and nothing but problems! Kenmore Elite He3T uprights...can't say I would recommend them, they look nice but we have had a lot of little pain in the ass problems with them. Our last washer & dryer lasted 10 years with ZERO problems, we only changed them out because we were re-modeling the house. This evening we took a few loads of laundry over to Gordon's parents house to wash-good thing they are close by.
OK so after that ordeal, Gordon decides to start painting again in Mia's room...he started with the leaves on the tree & you know me I had to get the camera out so I could share with all of you and guess what........the camera is broken! I can still take pictures but the LCD screen is broken & there are shadows in the pictures. Maybe Gordon should paint $100.00 bills on that tree since we seem to be on a spending spree (not by choice). Now I'm looking at buying a new digital camera.....does anyone have suggestions on a camera? I now have a Sony Cybershot and like Sony product line but I am game for trying something new. What I use now is a 3.2 Mega Pixel & for a low end camera it takes pretty darn good pictures. Looking to bump up the pixels to around 6 or 7. Let me know what you all suggest I take a look at.....I also want it to handle lots of memory for video when we travel to China. Well, tomorrow is a new day and HOPEFULLY nothing will break in my household!


Jonni said...

Gina, Sorry to hear about your problems with the W&D. Someone at work has the same set and had a lot of problems too. Which is odd, considering that the set you have is quite costly. Hope you can get it taken care of without much expense.

John bought me a new camera for Chritmas and I have sone a lot of research. I owned 2 digitsls before this one, but this time I was looking for more megapixels and a better zoom feature and the option to add lenses. It is probably going to be a bit bigger than what you have, but it is a really great camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 and it has the Image Stabilization feature if you have shaky hands. We went to the Bronx Zoo and could not believe the photos we got from very far away. The zoom is a 12x optical zoom. It also takes video and it has 8 megapixels, but you can adjust the megapixels if you want to conserve space on your card. I have a 1GB card and I can take almost 300 pictures at the very best setting. Also, the battery is a dream, it really holds a charge for days. I have to say, it is the best camera I have ever had. It's great for amateurs, or those with a lot of photo experience. Here is a link to some info. on it.

If you decide to buy, compare prices on Biz Rate. I got the best deal there. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow no washer, your hubby might have to wear the same clothes twice :) Even after he only wore them for twenty minutes.


a&mg said...

Wow, sorry for your crummy day! I hope your W&D get fixed soon. We have a pretty simple Kodak digital, definitely no frills.lid530

Michelle said...

I just wrote a post with almost the exact same title. How funny! Bummer about the Washer and dryer. There's no way for me to say this without sounding like I'm ninety, but, They don't make things like they used to! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a LG front loaded washer and dryer for over 6 mos and they are working fine. Also we use the detegent recommended for front loaded washer.