Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kitchen DONE!

Here are the before & after pictures of our kitchen...I am still trying to pick out window coverings and/or blinds. This kitchen took us 3 years to complete! We hired a contractor with a beautiful portfolio, he started the work then after a few months into it it was getting more and more difficult to get him to the house to work on the cabinets. After 1 1/2 years the contractor split trace and his company had been placed in his brother's name & closed down here in FL. Being the super sleuth that I am, we were able to locate the contractor & Gordon had a few very verbal altercations w/him. Come to find out this contractor had nothing for us to attach to and per FL law you apparently do not need to be a licensed contractor to do business here.........NOT A GOOD THING TO FIND OUT. If the contractor starts a job & completes it to the BEST of his ability then he is off the hook. We were out some big $$$ and our bathroom hadn't even been started by him yet. We chaulked it off to a loss and Gordon found someone to custom stain the cabinets to fill in where the contractor left off. Did you know that other contractors DO NOT want to pick up where someone else left off? Yea it was a pain trying to actually get someone out to even look at the kitchen and give us estimates. So we were left with cabinets and some doors stained and some cabinets without doors. Finally the door and cabinet staining is completed and we are happy with out kitchen. There are a few problems that probably only Gordon and I see but all in all we like the finished product. AS with all my pics, click on the picture to get a clear view.

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Jonni said...

Gina, Girl, you and Gordon outdid yourselves. I LOVE the kitchen. You better call Better Homes & Gardens because they will want to SEE this. Sorry you had such a bad time with the contractor, but it looks like it was all worth the wait. I love the stainless steel and check out that mamma-jamma fridge/freezer and stove. You can cook for an army now. Looks AWESOME! I love the materials you used. I have similar taste.