Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brownies are here!!

Today I received 2 boxes of No Pudge brownie mix from my blogger friend Tracy........she saw my call for help in finding this brand that just is impossible to find here in my home town. Thanks Tracy...I owe you one!! They came FedEx too..........funny...STAT brownines! Will make them this week and let you all know how they are. The Raspberry brownie was good so I'm quite sure these will be scrumptious.


T & R McGrath said...

Hi Gina, I am glad you received them...let me know if you like them and I will be sure to send you more!! But promise a more timely delivery!! :)

oh, and your dinner looked terrific, my DH idea of making a dinner is grilled cheese...Yes, he makes a great grilled cheese but yours looks so GOOOOOOD!!!!

Nina, David & Ariel said...

No guilt brownies - gotta love that! Enjoy!! One day you'll be making them with Mia :)