Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lady bug!!!

Now really what are the chances a Lady bug will land on you in the house? Tonight when Gordon came in from trimming the trees out back he sat on the couch and here is what landed on him. I am taking this for a good luck sign! We took her out front to play in the flowers.


Jonni said...


It looks like good luck to me!

Kelly (& Mike) said...

Hi! I see you are waiting for a Mia as well! We also have something else in common - Publix birthday cake is my favorite thing in the whole world - yellow cake with butter cream icing (not as much of a fan of the whipped icing)! I see you are near Tampa - my sister-in-law is in Tampa and she called the other day and said she has had 3 ladybugs have landed on her in the past week! She was so excited to call me! Go ladybugs! Glad you found me online! Keep in touch!

Kim M. said...

That has to be a good luck sign! Come on referrals!

DeNice said...

I bought a beautiful lady bug rocking "horse" for my grand daughter, while I was in NC a few weeks ago. I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas! After having 2 boys, it is a pleasure to have a little girl to spoil. Rock on Lady bugs!