Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hurt Puppy-Long story

I haven't blogged this weekend....Dane (our little mixed Great Dane/Ridgeback) hurt himself somehow Saturday night. I was in the other room when I heard a yelp & I ran over to Jasmin (the big Great Dane) who was sleeping on the couch :) and woke her thinking she was having a dream. Not even thinking it could be Dane, he was upstairs on his bed( I thought) . Well I looked up and saw Dane sitting on the the top stairs, he was just staring at me like something was wrong. He came down the stairs without any problem or yelp and jumped up on our bed and went to sleep. In the morning Gordon usually takes the dogs out for their walk but Sunday morning Dane wouldn't move without screaming. What a gut wrenching sound it was too. Dane went outside on his own but just sat on the grass and was shaking all over. Now I am a Paramedic and have seen all kinds of people in pain but let me tell you...when it is my own family(Dane) in pain I can't handle it. We watched him for a little bit but he wouldn't walk or move on his own. Gordon had to pick him up and we took him to the 24 hour emergency Vet here in town. The vet couldn't find where the pain was coming from either, thinking he might have pulled a muscle somewhere they prescribed some meds and sent him home. Monday we called our own vet and gave him the update on Dane and that he was getting worse...actaully Gordon called him once and I also called him. You would think after having the same vet for 20 years that he would have understood and said to just bring him in then but nooooooo he told us to wait until tomorrow (today) and then we could bring him in. Being the typical type A person that I am we returned to the Emergency Vet last evening. We had found an approximate area of pain and they did some X-rays just to make sure his shoulder wasn't fractured or dislocated. He was placed under a local anesthetic for the x-ray. Films came back negative...good! No breaks or problems with the bones. Most likely a pinched nerve or muscle spasm in the left side of his neck and when he walks the pressure of his left shoudler is pushing on that painful area. My poor boy...we left the Emergency Vet last night around 11:00pm with orders to continue pain meds and muscle relaxants and take him to our vet this week for a follow up. Gordon actually placed Dane on the dog bed on the living room floor and he (Gordon)slept on the other 2 dog beds pulled together so Dane could be close to him....should of gotten the camera out for that one. Well you all know where this is going don't you????? Yep, we changed vets, I just got off the phone w/the new vet and Dane has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. The vet we changed to is a lady that we took Jasmin to when she was a puppy, we really liked her but her office was crazy back then. She has just recently opened her own practice and doesn't share the office with anyone. So you can see why no blogging. Will update you tomorrow. OK I've shared my true personality here and you now know I will be a hard ass to anyone that will come between Mia and myself....just look at how I am with our doggies :) Having a problem w/Blogger NOT posting pictures today...will try later


Jonni said...


I am so glad that Dane is okay. How scary!!! We fell the same way about our dog...she is our FAMILY! I am so happy to hear the good news and glad that you decided to choose a new vet. You are in my thoughts and hope all is better soon.

Krista said...

Oh poor puppy!! My little Pomeranian has trouble with his back knee joints slipping in and out. Never know when it's going to happen. It usually corrects itself but he's pretty miserable for a couple of days. I had to go out and pick him up off the freezing snow one time cuz he wouldn't walk after popping it out. So I can relate to how hard it is to deal with hurt doggies. I hope Dane is feeling better really soon.

Donna said...

I'm so sorry. Several years ago I went through something similar with my dog Jake. Of course in the middle of the night. He even lost the use of his back legs. No one really knew what caused it.
Turned out he had Von Willebrands and they think he injured his spine and got some blood in it. After several months of doggy rehab(and lots of spoiling by mom) he was fine.

Keep us informed! Sending good thoughts your way.