Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gifts from Jonni

Yesterday I received a suprise package from Jonni. She is a friend that I met thru blogging and our May DTC group. Isn't is just amazing how you connect with someone you haven't even met in person? After blogging for the past 4 months I have developed a few new friendships and hope someday to finally meet my new friends in person.
So after reading that Dane was having some problems, Jonni knew exactly how I felt and sent off a little care package for us. I would love to post the picture of the package as it was so special with Chinese style printing on our address labels and a green leaf background with a Panda bear chomping on some bamboo. The only reason I'm not posting the picture of the box is because I was unable to erase the addresses in my picture program. All you scrapbooking girls can visualize it, it was beautiful even my husband AND the mailman were impressed. In that package was an Asian inspired note pad, pen and magnets. For Jasmin & Dane there were 2 doggie bones and for Gordon & I 2 goodie bags filled with Halloween treats (I have already eaten mine). Here are Jasmin & Dane devouring their bones.

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DeNice said...

Is the radio for Jasmin and Dane, or for DH? Or, do you do aerobics out there on the mats when the dogs aren't laying on them?