Friday, October 20, 2006

Do you have migraines?

I want to help my blogger friends with the treatment and prevention of migraines. Up until the time I became a Paramedic I worked for a GREAT doctor here is town that specializes in many things but when it comes to headaches & migraines he has to be one of the best around on the West Coast of Florida. If you suffer from migraines or frequent headaches please take a look at his web page and blog. I HIGHLY recommend reading some of his posts as I have had a lot of experience with patients that have been prescribed narcotics BEFORE trying anything else, this is not the solution. Dr. Kassicieh is located here in Sarasota and has patients from all over travel to see him. Had I not had the opportunity to take a full time position as a Paramedic I would most certainly still be his office nurse.
You will also find information on back pain & why most surgery is unnecessary. I am a firm believer of exercise and proper body conditioning to help strengthen your muscles. Take a look at his blog site article on back pain, you will be surprised to hear what he has to say.


Jonni said...

LOVE the new design of your website and the good advice on the migraines. I have a few good friends who get these and I hear that they are just awful.

DeNice said...

I get a few migraines a year. My mother gets a few a month. This week I've had TWO!! One much worse than normal. My mother has had every imaginable test. I've only had a few, and follow her lead. Wow......did I just say that? Anyway, I checked out this web site and read every word. In fact, I even printed it out for future reference and emailed it to my mother. Most of the information we've heard before. Some we have not, and were very, very interesting. Just knowing that there is a reputable h/a Dr. in the area puts me more at ease. I take fiorinal, which is a butalbital compound. My mother takes Imitrex. the triggers that are listed are accurate. One that is not listed is MSG, which according to my mother, and she does know everything, is also a trigger. I also suffer from sinus problems, which until I read the information listed on his web page, I was unaware was a common associated symptom. Hum, wonderful information. Thank you for sharing. We are all connected and the better we network, the more power and information we all have.