Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jasmin the flower-what a good sport....Dane wanted no part of this Halloween stuff other than kissing all the children that came over.

All caught up now!

OK, I have been a blog slacker but I think I am up to date now. I visited Jonni's blog and everything is good up there, they are looking at new cars and she now has a recipe link-check that out! Then off to catch up with Marjorie, they are almost done with the addition....wow time flys! Sandy is back up and blogging again affter a "time out" & she is 5 months LID now. I sent out my cyber shower gift last week and yesterday Beth received it....you can check out her site to see what she got. She mailed out mine so I should be receiving it this week...I can't wait. Buttercup has gotten down with her quilting-good job, wish I could concentrate that much to quilt. Over to Journey to Hannah, we both have the same LID and rapidly approaching the 5 months mark....WOOOHooo. We all know what is going on over at Lisa P's house.....waiting for a TA so they can go get baby Zeb and we are all patiently waiting with her (chewing my nails). Found some excitement over at Journey to Tya......they are PREGNANT, wow I am so happy for them, the process for Tya is on hold but only until after the birth, she wants a big family & still wishes to adopt. Donna is now 6 minths LID and getting settled in after her move. Barb is back from Greece and I can't wait to see pictures, Barbs another crafty one-she knits, go check out her page. Kristen went to a costume party last week and you have just gotta see those pictures-too funny. My local friend here in Sarasota, Lisa had her wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago and I haven't seen any blogging from her yet. I did get an e-mail and all is well.
Michelle over at Searching for Sophie had a bad Monday but she is a strong woman & can over come anything-we support you Michelle. Tracy & Bob are back from PA after a visit with her parents, yes she got to see all the leaves change color-I'm jealous! Last but not forgotten, the Salsa kids are in China with their twin girls....yeay! Drop me a line if I forgot anything ....I can be a scatter brain at times. OH, Dane is doing well after his episode, thanks for all the good wishes. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Always changing

DH wasn't thrilled with the opaque look so I've changed it back to a solid white. Do you guys like the new background or is it too "blah" as DH puts it. (DH = Dear husband)
On another note, it's October Cyber Shower time and my pal Beth Johnson sould be receiving her gift by Monday.....I just love sending and receiving those little gifts every month.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Finally ...another WIN ! Tampa Bay Bucs

Here is our little sports fan again at a Bucs game. How does a 17 y/o get so excited about a football game? The Tampa Bay players shown from left to right are Moore, Gradkowski & Bryant. That is Jon Gruden in the center with the hoooorah spirit going on.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gifts from Jonni

Yesterday I received a suprise package from Jonni. She is a friend that I met thru blogging and our May DTC group. Isn't is just amazing how you connect with someone you haven't even met in person? After blogging for the past 4 months I have developed a few new friendships and hope someday to finally meet my new friends in person.
So after reading that Dane was having some problems, Jonni knew exactly how I felt and sent off a little care package for us. I would love to post the picture of the package as it arrived....it was so special with Chinese style printing on our address labels and a green leaf background with a Panda bear chomping on some bamboo. The only reason I'm not posting the picture of the box is because I was unable to erase the addresses in my picture program. All you scrapbooking girls can visualize it, it was beautiful even my husband AND the mailman were impressed. In that package was an Asian inspired note pad, pen and magnets. For Jasmin & Dane there were 2 doggie bones and for Gordon & I 2 goodie bags filled with Halloween treats (I have already eaten mine). Here are Jasmin & Dane devouring their bones.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Do you have migraines?

I want to help my blogger friends with the treatment and prevention of migraines. Up until the time I became a Paramedic I worked for a GREAT doctor here is town that specializes in many things but when it comes to headaches & migraines he has to be one of the best around on the West Coast of Florida. If you suffer from migraines or frequent headaches please take a look at his web page and blog. I HIGHLY recommend reading some of his posts as I have had a lot of experience with patients that have been prescribed narcotics BEFORE trying anything else, this is not the solution. Dr. Kassicieh is located here in Sarasota and has patients from all over travel to see him. Had I not had the opportunity to take a full time position as a Paramedic I would most certainly still be his office nurse.
You will also find information on back pain & why most surgery is unnecessary. I am a firm believer of exercise and proper body conditioning to help strengthen your muscles. Take a look at his blog site article on back pain, you will be surprised to hear what he has to say.

Dane is recovering

It has been 6 days since Dane injured himself and today is the first day he has really felt good. We are trying to keep him from getting worked up by all the ducks, squirrels and lizards that run around by the pool cage but it's not easy. At this point his injury seems to be only soft tissue and muscle, he is able to put weight on his left leg now without wincing in pain and there seems to be no more neuro deficits. This weekend he will get all of our attention, poor boy....bet he will just hate that huh?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hurt Puppy-Long story

I haven't blogged this weekend....Dane (our little mixed Great Dane/Ridgeback) hurt himself somehow Saturday night. I was in the other room when I heard a yelp & I ran over to Jasmin (the big Great Dane) who was sleeping on the couch :) and woke her thinking she was having a dream. Not even thinking it could be Dane, he was upstairs on his bed( I thought) . Well I looked up and saw Dane sitting on the the top stairs, he was just staring at me like something was wrong. He came down the stairs without any problem or yelp and jumped up on our bed and went to sleep. In the morning Gordon usually takes the dogs out for their walk but Sunday morning Dane wouldn't move without screaming. What a gut wrenching sound it was too. Dane went outside on his own but just sat on the grass and was shaking all over. Now I am a Paramedic and have seen all kinds of people in pain but let me tell you...when it is my own family(Dane) in pain I can't handle it. We watched him for a little bit but he wouldn't walk or move on his own. Gordon had to pick him up and we took him to the 24 hour emergency Vet here in town. The vet couldn't find where the pain was coming from either, thinking he might have pulled a muscle somewhere they prescribed some meds and sent him home. Monday we called our own vet and gave him the update on Dane and that he was getting worse...actaully Gordon called him once and I also called him. You would think after having the same vet for 20 years that he would have understood and said to just bring him in then but nooooooo he told us to wait until tomorrow (today) and then we could bring him in. Being the typical type A person that I am we returned to the Emergency Vet last evening. We had found an approximate area of pain and they did some X-rays just to make sure his shoulder wasn't fractured or dislocated. He was placed under a local anesthetic for the x-ray. Films came back negative...good! No breaks or problems with the bones. Most likely a pinched nerve or muscle spasm in the left side of his neck and when he walks the pressure of his left shoudler is pushing on that painful area. My poor boy...we left the Emergency Vet last night around 11:00pm with orders to continue pain meds and muscle relaxants and take him to our vet this week for a follow up. Gordon actually placed Dane on the dog bed on the living room floor and he (Gordon)slept on the other 2 dog beds pulled together so Dane could be close to him....should of gotten the camera out for that one. Well you all know where this is going don't you????? Yep, we changed vets, I just got off the phone w/the new vet and Dane has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. The vet we changed to is a lady that we took Jasmin to when she was a puppy, we really liked her but her office was crazy back then. She has just recently opened her own practice and doesn't share the office with anyone. So you can see why no blogging. Will update you tomorrow. OK I've shared my true personality here and you now know I will be a hard ass to anyone that will come between Mia and myself....just look at how I am with our doggies :) Having a problem w/Blogger NOT posting pictures today...will try later

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Big sports fan!

Here's Joy & her dad last weekend...She is such a fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs that she flew up to Louisiana to go to a game (front row seats I might add). Her mom, dad and 2 brothers have moved back up in Louisiana since hurricane Katrina damaged their home. Joy stayed here in FL to finished her last year of school. The Bucs didn't win and she said they got heckled but she still had fun. Check out the sign she carried with her into the stadium...in Saints territory - now that's a fan!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lady bug!!!

Now really what are the chances a Lady bug will land on you in the house? Tonight when Gordon came in from trimming the trees out back he sat on the couch and here is what landed on him. I am taking this for a good luck sign! We took her out front to play in the flowers.

Just another day OLDER!

Happy Birthday to me...yesterday was my 43rd! Here is a picture of my favorite cake, it's from Publix. My partner @ work (Kerri) bought it for me and when I got to work yesterday morning she had cake, decorations and presents for me at the station.
Just another day older! My husband bought a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for me....I DO have them on at work 'cause I love them so much! Shhhh don't tell my chief.....but I like looking like a girl.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I wish I knew what he was saying. This must be how you react to having your 1st child! Very jumpy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Can you read this??

This is pretty amazing.
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September cyber shower gifts!

Here is a picture of my September cyber shower gifts from Beth Johnson. There is an adorable white and pink wicker basket filled with blocks, stackable and a taggies book. I know Mia will love all of her gifts and I certainly can't wait to give them to her!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

4 Months Down!

1 month closer to Mia! Hopefully only 8 more months to wait for our referral (I'm hoping for only a year wait)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let the painting begin!!!!!

Today Gordon started painting the Giraffe in Mia's room. Here it is from start to finish and he did it all with an airbrush-what talent! Click on each picture to see a close up. Didn't he do an excellent job!!!!!