Saturday, September 09, 2006

Off to North Carolina !

Tomorrow we will leave for a vacation..Finally! I actually thought there would be no vacations until our trip to China but Gordon thought it would be good to just get away. I'm looking forward to a change in scenery and MAYBE some cooler weather, at least at night. Bringing our camera so will post when we get home. The doggies will be hanging out w/ Gordon's parents here at home so they won't miss us (or their bed) too much. Hate to leave Jasmin & Dane home but with 2 dogs and 1 of them weighing 145 lbs+ it's difficult to take them on a long car ride.
Happy blogging everybody and see you in a week.


Jonni said...

Gina & Gordon,

Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!

Stacy said...

Have a great time! See you in a week!

Kim M. said...

Have a great vacation! I love Carolina! (But not the Tarheels).