Saturday, September 16, 2006

More pictures

Property in Hayesville, NC. Here is the good (waterfalls) & bad (fog) of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blogger isn't playing nice pictures keep getting mixed up.


Anonymous said...

Pretty waterfall, let me guess you took the picture out of your car window. Missed you.

Lisa said...

So glad to have you back. The pic's are breathtaking! Looks like you had some beautiful scenery to take in. I spent a brief time in Asheville about 5 years ago. It was absolutely gorgeous! But I know what you mean about the mountains. I think I like the flatland better too!

Welcome home!

Jonni said...


It looks like you and Gordon are having a ball. I love the pics.

I don't know if you have had a chance to get on the Yahoo group, but someone said they have bay size (the smaller ones) Asian CPK's ar Target for only $19.99. Have a great trip. :)