Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gordon's new toy

There is a story behind this new car.....
We took my truck (big, red Dodge Ram) on vacation, for some reason I didn't want to take Gordon's Durango (it's not old 2004 there was just something telling me to take my truck) normally we go everywhere in his vehicle. When we returned from vacation and went to Target that evening. After shopping we returned to the car and click, click, click....it wouldn't start. Gordon & I just started laughing our tails off, I told him "good thing we didn't take this up to the mountains". Right then Gordon finds a lady bug on my passenger door! (it was 9:00 pm - at night people) "That's it! That's our sign! We are selling this truck tomorrow"I said. The car was towed to the Dodge dealer, when we picked it up the next day after the repairs Gordon drove it straight to the car wash then over to Land Rover. We had been looking for another vehicle for the past month and really liked the last Land Rover we had so this was an easy decision. Of course Gordon likes all the off road stuff so I will post another picture Friday after it is all done getting decked out with it's "bling". Boys and their toys, what can you say.
OH, by the way if you are afraid of heights as I am - DO NOT let the salesman take you on the driving course!!!

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Jonni said...


NIIIIIIIICE Ride! I love those Land Rovers. You enjoy that new car smell and suck some of it up for me. Good thing you saw that ladybug! :) Have fun!