Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back home on FLAT land!

We are back! OK remember that we went up to North Carolina to look for some get-away propertythis past week????? WELL it's not gonna happen! I cannot live in those mountains, I'm too afraid of heights. Gordon & I had fun, lots of laughs (mostly at me due to the crying episodes when driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fog @ 6500 feet up). I put up a pic of the in the heck do you guys drive up there in the fog????? Not kidding, I was crying. This Florida girl is happy to stay right here in Florida for a while. There wasn't a Starbucks in sight untill we hit Asheville ! The scenery was beautiful but we are too spoiled right here with everything 5 or 10 minutes tops away from us. We arrived up in Murphy, NC on Sunday and returned on Wed. The weather outlook was rain, rain and more rain Wed, Thurs and Fri so we decided to head out.
Actually I'm quite proud of Gordon, he found our friends property in Georgia with very sketchy know the kind....go down the road until you see a gas station (ok that gas station looked like 2 pumps that were left from an abandoned station) turn left and keep going until you cross a wood bridge (RICKETY OLD bridge would be the better description) then if you pass the beer joint you have gone too far. How was that for directions?
I will have to catch up on with blogging friends this week.

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