Thursday, August 31, 2006

1st storm passed without problems

We are in hurrican season here in Florida and this week the first threatening storm passed us bye. Hurricane, no tropical depression no wait tropical storm, might turn back into a hurricane ....whatever! This storm was to undecided as to what it was going to be. "Ernesto" as it was named gave us a few rain drops and no wind, thankfully. Atleast this gave everyone a chance to get stocked up on their hurricane supplies in advance. Hurricane season lasts until November. I certinally have enough bottled water now. You can never be too careful when it comes to mother nature I say. Today it's sunny but tomorrow you just never know. This is the time of year when everyday you check the National Weather Service web site. Not much else to report as we are approaching the 3 month anniversary of our LID. Wait, Wait and more waiting. Here is the storm as of today.

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Donna said...

Well Ernesto is headed my way now! Supposed to hit landfall at Wilmington in about an hour. Right now we're on a flood watch.