Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time to draw...

OK, today is the day...Gordon has gone upstairs and started drawing a mural on the walls in Mia's room. I snapped this picture when he started and as you can see he wasn't too happy about having the "inspector" watching. Now I am sitting here on the computer posting his picture on our blog because he has actually LOCKED me out of the room until he is finished. I will try and sneak another picture before tonight.

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing and exciting journey you are on! the waiting is kinda like a pregnancy i think- lots to think about, pray about, wonder, wait, wait wait! :) good luck.
I have 3 boys and we plan on adopting from China as well. (to add to your stupid things people say- not b/c we couldnt have our own girl- but b/c we've always wanted to adopt from china. oh well. people can be dumb.
good luck!