Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My partner at work

This is a picture of my partner & I at work, her name is Kerri (this is Uncle Mike's wife). Will get a picture of Uncle Mike and post soon.
When most people talk about work they usually do not use the words "my partner" as we do in the EMS world. Since we work very close together on some of the worst medical calls this make us partners--we look out for each other, thick and thin, happy or sad.
Not until recently did I discover that when I said "my partner" meaning Kerri, the girl I work with-people took this to be my life partner....since it is too long to explain we just leave it at that. Now I have a "life partner" AND a husband!
All in all she is my best bud and is also very excited about our adoption.
It's great to go to work everyday and enjoy what you do and who you work with!
She is the tall skinny one (brat) and I am the one in a bunkercoat (short, not so skinny).


Anonymous said...

Thanks partner, love you too! Kerri

Stacy said...

What a great picture! How interesting your job must be.

terri said...

What a cool job!