Monday, July 31, 2006

Cyber Shower Gift Arrived Today!!!!

Thank you to Melissa & Todd for Mia's very 1st baby gifts.
At 5:30 the UPS man came a knocking and yippee a box for me.

After tearing open the box I found the cutest diaper pin bow and a box so neatly wrapped in baby paper (me opening my first baby gift, sniff-I'm tearing up!)
There is a snuggly soft blankie w/ giraffes (Love them) monkeys, zebra & turtles on it. She also gave Mia a pop-up book for some interactive fun.
I belong to the May DTC group on Yahoo and this months theme was "a day at the zoo". Every month we are given the name of a pal and we shop, shop, shop for them. Now I don't feel the least bit guilty about shopping. :)

Thanks again Melissa, we can't wait until it's time to share with Mia.


Melissa said...

You're welcome! Wow, I'm honored to have given the first shower gift for Mia. I was adamant that I find something with giraffes to match her nursery. I'm so glad you liked them!

Anonymous said...

I too am so happy for you to have a baby blanket with giraffes on them!!, Gina does love them. I am sure Mia will love it and her new book with diaper pin, too cute. Thanks for making my partner happy.

Kerri "Gina's partner at work"