Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crazy comments said to adopting families...

OK all, I have been asked alot of these very same 'bout you?

1. "How can you understand what's she's saying?" .... or the ever popular "She speaks English so well."
2. to a family who adopted four children: "If you were pregnant, I'd ask, 'Don't you know what causes that?,' but since you're adopting, I KNOW this is intentional and you are doing this to yourself willingly."
3. "She calls you 'Mommy' and everything."
4. "Are you going to tell her that she's adopted?"DUH!
5. "Do you think you would have had such an attractive child if you hadn't adopted?"
6. "When are you going to get that baby you ordered?" or "so how's the baby purchasing going?"
7. to adopted siblings: "Just think! You're not blood-related, so you could marry each other!"
8. "You're so lucky you don't have to go through the newborn stage. You've got it easy."
9. "Well, if you ever decide you need *help* getting pregnant, just let me know!"
10. "How much did she cost?"
11. to parents who also have biological children: "I don't think you should adopt. You should just make another (fill in the name of your bio child)."
12. "Will it bother you if she wants to marry someone who's Asian?"
13. "Why adopt from China when there are so many babies here that need good homes?"
14. "If the baby ends up with a problem, do you get to send her back?"
15. "What if your baby is ugly?"
16. "You're adopting? .... It costs how much? ... Hey, you can have my kids for free!"
17. "She's so lucky to have you" ... or the ever thoughtful (not!) "Aren't you glad you rescued that little girl?"
18. "Now that you've adopted, you'll get pregnant."
19. "I could never adopt. I just couldn't love a child that's not my own."
20. "Why would you want to adopt a Communist?"
21. "You know, the communist government is implanting these children with microchips so that they can spy on Americans when they get older."
22. "Are they really brother and sister? ..... no, I mean REALLY?"
23. One woman shared with an acquaintance that her family was having trouble breeding their family dog: the dog couldn't get pregnant. The acquaintance replied, "Gee, I guess you have that in common."
24. From an acquaintance, while she patted my shoulder consolingly during a joyous discussion about a friend's domestic adoption: "And they got a white baby."
25. said to waiting parents by adoptive parents who've already *completed* their families: "I hear the programs closing soon and that it's only a matter of time."


Jonni said...

This would actually be funny if it weren't true huh? Thanks for adding these, it gives me time to think of a witty comeback when we get this too.

Stacy said...

I would like to think a lot of these were said in jest.

Do you think people are really that stupid? Yikes!

Shannon said...

Ouch on #25!!!! We can expect "dumb" comments from those outside the loop...but jeez a little support from the BTDT would be nice!

DanLanVin said...

It's unbelievable what people will say, isn't it?