Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why China you ask?

For those of you that are not familiar with the adoption process in China or have questions as to WHY we decided on China, here is a brief summary for you to read.

Many people do not realize the situation in China & why so many little girls are orphaned.
In the 1970's, China decided to limit its humongous population by stipulating the "one child rule". This rule would allow Chinese couples to only have one child. China has a beautiful & rich culture, but with that comes tradition.
It is tradition for the son's of the family to take care of their parents in their old age. They also pass the family name down & work hard (especially those in the country side) with the farm work. While girls on the other hand, are to take care of their husband's parents when they are married. If a couple has a daughter who gets married, there will be no one to care for them in their old age. If a little girl is born, the parents must make a gutwrenching decision. They can keep her, or abandon her & hope to try again for a boy. A lot of couples decide to abandon their girl, & leave her in a place where she will be found quickly. It's often the case that the mother is hiding somewhere near by waiting for someone to find her child. Of course, this is not always the case, but we like to think of it this way. Because of this one child policy, families want to have a son, & if a girl is born she is abandoned.
This has led to an enormous number of orphaned girls in China. To control the growing numbers of orphans, the Chinese Government set up a system called the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) to place these children in adoptive families.
Every year thousands of children are adopted from China by families in the United States, Canada, Europe & Australia.

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