Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Split pants

Here is a picture of a photo that was given to Gordon today from his co-worker Anna.
This was taken in Beijing and the child is wearing "split pants" also known as "kaidangku" (literally "open-crotch pants").

The picture is in a beautiful frame but I was not able to capture it on my digital camera very well so I cropped the picture out for all to see.

Thank you Anna, we love it!


Scott Ocheltree said...

We saw split pants on many small children when we were in China to adopt Kai. Even saw a little one wearing them on a plane when we flew intra-country. Kai was wearing them when we received them. They seem so different, but they are very common there.

Heather said...

We saw split pants ourselves in China, but our daughter was in a US run foster home so she wasn't wearing them when we received her. I've enjoyed looking through your blog as it reminds me of mine from this time last year while we were waiting for our daughter, Sydney, who has now been home with us for more than two months. I hope you have a speedy wait!

Tallahassee, FL

Jonni said...


Too funny! Thanks for the picture. It's good that we know what to expect when in China. Hopefully our wait will go by quickly.