Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The closet is growing!

OK, I have been noticing all the folks with pictures of your closets and how you have actually been buying for your little girl already, I was jealous! So here is mine! Yes, Yes I have been buying a little at a time too and I figure over the waiting period of the next 10-12 months it will be VERY full, and I thought I was the only crazy one! You girls make me proud. Notice the bags of safety plugs for the electrical outlets, these suckers will NOT come out after you put them in. WE also now have china place settings for baby Mia. When Gordon was a child his mother used "Bunnykins" and we were given those for our daughter to use too. We found some new pieces to the set and just had to have them.

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Mariah said...

You've got me beat!!;) I think I need to go shopping! Ha!
Have a good week!